Friday, August 5, 2011

Manthara / Previous Birth

Once, when the King of the land of Kekaya was hunting, he aimed an arrow and killed a male deer. The female deer went to her mother and said, “Mother, the King of Kekaya has killed my husband. Now, what is my fate?” The mother deer went to the King of Kekaya and told him, “O king, It is not a proper action that you have done, killing the husband of my daughter. You should not indulge in such actions that create separation. Just as I am suffering now by the loss of my son-in-law, you will suffer the loss of your son-in law. I shall see to it that this event takes place.” That mother deer was born as Manthara and was the cause of the death of Dasaratha and the consequent loss of son-in-law of Kaikeyi’s father.

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