Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Christian Sings and Muslim Gives Music to Rama

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Rama Acting Like Normal Human

King Janaka knew the greatness of Vishwa-mithra, and he realised that Vishwamithra brought some princes for the sake of handling the Shiva Dhanush, and he gave them a very good reception.

Rama was giving the impression that He was an ordinary human being because He came walking from a long distance. In Mithilapura, He was sitting alone in a room and was trying to press His feet and relieve the pain due to walking. The doors of the room were nearly closed, but there was a small opening. Narada, who knew all the time what was happening, came there and looked through the opening in the door and found that Rama was pressing His own fee t. He loudly exclaimed, “Oh Paramatma, what has happened? Why are you pressing your own feet?”

Vishwamithra appeared on the scene immediately and told Narada that this secret of the incarnation of Rama must be kept carefully. He requested Narada not to bring about a catastrophe by announcing it openly. Vishwamithra said that if this is done, then the marriage of Sita will not take place and the destruction of Ravana will not come about.