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Go to Rama and Just Say I Surrender

Vibhishana: God Is Greater Than Son

''How the love of the Divine manifests itself in a devotee is illustrated by the example of Vibhishana, the younger brother of Ravana. Vibhishana submitted himself to many indignities at the hands of Ravana out of the love he had for Rama. In the battle against the Rakshasas (evil forces) in Lanka, Rama and Lakshmana destroyed many of the great Rakshasa warriors on the first two days. On the third day, a formidable warrior stood before them. Vibhishanatold Rama: 'If you conquer this warrior, the whole Lanka will be yours. He is a greater warrior than even Ravana'. Rama fought with this mighty Rakshasa the whole day, but could not vanquish him. Rama was on the point of giving up the battle for the day. At this stage, Vibhishana, who was behind Rama, said. This is not the time to give up the fight. You must rally all your strength and destroy the enemy. You should not miss this chance. I am telling this out my love for you. Egged on by Vibhishana, Rama continued the fight and destroyed the opponent.

The formidable warrior fell on the battlefield. The moment he learned that the warrior was dead, Vibhishana also collapsed on the ground. Recovering himself after chanting the name of Rama, Vibhishana got up and confessed to Rama: 'Swami! This is a mark of weakness on my part. I should not have succumbed to such weakness. Having filled myself with your love, how could I succumb to such weakness?' Rama observed: 'That's all right. But why did you collapse?' Vibhishana replied: 'Swami! This happened because of bodily attachment. It was due to parental affection. That mighty warrior was my son.'

He was Vibhishana's son! See what Vibhishana did. To ensure the victory of the Lord, Vibhishana did not hesitate to get even his son killed in battle.

Rama asked Vibhishana: 'Why did you not tell me at the beginning itself that he was your son.' Vibhishana replied: 'When you are facing an enemy, you should not worry about any kind of relationship on the battlefield. In this war, there is no room for consideration of relationship. When anyone takes up arms against you, you cease to be a relation. Whether it is mother, father, son or anybody else, he figures as an enemy. Especially against God, there can be no question of relationship. I have completely surrendered to you. I am your servant. I must be primarily concerned about your victory and not about any temporary kinship. The only truth for me is your will.

It is this abounding love of Vibhishana for Rama, which contributed to Rama's victory. Love for the Divine should be the inextricable bond. All other worldly attachments are impermanent. Tamasic bonds are like iron chains. Rajasic bonds are copper chains. Satvic bonds are like chains of gold. But, whether the chains are of iron, copper or gold, they are chains all the same. The nature of the metal may vary, but chains are shackles nevertheless. Vibhishana declared: '1 have no use for any of these bonds. I am content with the pure love of Rama.

It is to demonstrate to the world the supreme quality of total love for the Divine that Vibhishana acted in this manner.

Vibhishana is a Satvic friend (supremely sacred) of Rama. Despite his long intimacy with Rama, Lakshmana was not in the same category. He was a Satvic brother, not a Satvic friend. Sugriva was a Rajasic friend. Jambavana was a Tamasic friend. Vibhishana, though he belonged to the Rakshasa brood, stands out as a Satvic friend (pure and selfless). It is in this unalloyed purity that love shines. It is utterly invaluable." Sai Baba, SS, 8/96, pp. 216 & 217

Kanda - 15 Chapters