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  1. Vashista to Dasharatha - Earlier Yajna gave you Four Sons
  2. Send Rama to Protect Vishvamitra Yajna - It will give you Four Daughter In Laws

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10 Chapters



According to the Shiva Purana, Kumbhakarna had another son called Bheema who fled to Dakini - on the ranges of the Sahyadri mountains with his mother Karkati. Bheema took an oath to destroy Lord Vishnu and began a campaign of terror based on a boon provided by Lord Brahma. When Bheema defeated a devotee of Lord Shiva and interrupted his penances, Lord Shiva destroyed Bheema and manifested himself at that location in the form of the Bheemashankar Jyotirlinga - one of the 12 jyotirlingas in existence.



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Shravan Kumar / Movie / Today's

Janaka Seetha Lava Kusha


Srimad Bhagavatham / More


Four brothers are embodiments of


Map / Tube


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"O King of vultures, the destinations which is attained by the persons who perform yajnas for a long time and the destinations which is attained by a person who worship agni for a long time, a destination attained by a person who donates his land nicely, that destination you attain by my concern. You go to the planet which is unparallelled". An ordinary human cannot make a soul to go to Vaikunta. In this way He revealed that He is a Maha-purusha.


Jataayu moksha - When Ravana carried Sita matha, Jatayu fought with Ravana. Ravana cut the wings of Jatayu. Jatayu was about to die. That time Rama and Lakshmana came there looking for Sita. Rama put Jatayu in His lap. Then Jatayu said that a 10 headed demon took Sita towards south and he cut his wings. After conveying this he died. Rama felt so much for Jatayu because for His sake he fought with Ravana. So Rama decided to perform ritualistic ceremony to Jatayu. Rama speaks in Valmiki Ramayan 3.68.29 & 30

Temple / Location

Rama in this temple is a dark ocean radiating peace. At his feet is a noble image of his Consort. But was not Rama alone here? Hadn't Sita been abducted at that time?

N. Kannan of the Ahobila Math explains that it is Bhumipiraatti (Mother Earth), and promptly speaks of another moving legend. Rama had got ready to perform the final obsequies on the banks of a pond (now known as Jatayu Pushkarini) when he realised that the Vedic ceremony needed the presence of his wife. He felt sad that he was helpless in the matter. Immediately there arose a golden lotus in the tank with Bhuma Devi (Sita is considered to be a manifestation of Mother Earth) who helped fulfil Rama's desire to complete the rituals. Hence we find Bhuma Devi in the sanctum. She is seated, with a lotus in hand. Reliefs on the wall behind show Brahma, Lakshmana, Hanuman and Jatayu. The Utsava deity has four hands holding the hardy Kodanda bow, the conch and the discus, with the lower right hand in abhaya mudra.

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In his autobiography Bachitra Natak, Shri Guru Govind Singh Dev has Stated his descendant of Lord Rama's younger son Lava, and that Guru Nanak Dev as descendant of Lord Rama's elder son Kusha (2/18-34, 2/52, 4/1-10 and 5/1-10). This statement is confirmed in several other authentic source-books of Sikhism


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Baijnath - Dussehra effigy of Ravana not Burnt / Vehicle

Slaying Of Vali Right Or Wrong

Vali Criticizes

Rama explains to Vali that why his attack on him is justified.

Every man has three men he can look up to as fatherly figures —
  1. his own father, 
  2. his elder brother and 
  3. he who imparts education to him. 
Vali, thus, should have been like a father to his younger brother Sugriva. But instead Vali had misbehaved with Sugriva’s wife Ruma. For this alone he should be punished, for so heinous is his crime.

When Vali Regretted his Behavior - Ram Offered to heal him

Vali did not  accept it saying that he did not want to loose the golden
opportunity of being killed by Ram and get liberation

Two Styles


Ramayana to Relativity: Finding inspiration in Vali & Einstein