Sunday, April 26, 2015

'Ra', 'Aa' and 'Ma'

The three syllables 'Ra', 'Aa' and 'Ma' indicate the three causes for human birth, namely,
  1. the sins one has committed, 
  2. the troubles one experiences and 
  3. one's ignorance (Papa, Tapa, Ajnanam)

Rama" has the triple power of destroying sins, conferring peace and dispelling ignorance.
  1. "Ra" represents the root letter Agni;
  2. "Aa" represents the letter for Moon;
  3. "Ma" represents the letter for Sun.

  1. Agni (fire) destroys everything and reduces it to ashes. The letter "Ra" has the power to destroy all the sins committed by human. 
  2. The letter "Aa" (symbolizing the moon) has the power of cooling the fevers any human suffers from, and that of conferring peace on one. 
  3. "Ma" represents the Sun that dispels the darkness of ignorance and confers the illumination of wisdom. 

Many people think the origin of the name Rama was after the Rama avatar, but this name existed even before Lord Rama. It is absolutely fine to associate this name with Lord Rama. Lord Rama lived up to the name. For Krishna devotees this name sounds as Radha Madahavam. So this name is for everyone in the universe. (Living / non-living, moving / non-moving). Remember the name of Lord Rama with love. God can be realized only through love and by no other means.