Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Matchless Gifts

This narration is about an incident that happened when Lord Rama returned from exile back to Ayodhya. On His return, before He was enthroned, the Lord desired to give gifts to the younger ones as is the tradition and with the permission of the mothers all the family got together.
Bharat and his wife Mandavi, Lakshman and his wife Urmila, Shatrughna and his wife Shrutikirti asked for the gifts of their choice.
1. Bharat: Bharat's demand was well-known. He was such a staunch lover of Lord Rama that he perfectly exhibited his love in separation from Lord Rama for 14 years. He demanded from the Lord, janam janam rati raama paada - Life after life I should have attachment only for the lotus feet of Lord Rama.
2. Mandavi: Bharat's wife Mandavi asked for something very beautiful. She requested, "My Lord, give me one thing. Everyone is aware that You went to forest and so many catastrophical incidents did take place here. King Dasaratha also died. But inspite of the same, by Your mercy we could maintain our mental equilibrium and our will power. My only desire and only demand is that You grant us the same will power, the same firm resolve and the resultant peaceful attitude."
3. Lakshman: Lakshman's demand was very obvious. He demanded the boon of never to be separated from Lord Rama.
4. Urmila: Lakshman's wife Urmila said very beautifully, "There is nothing left to be asked since I happened to have the good fortune to become a daughter-in-law of Raghukula, so what more can one ask for?"
5. Shatrughna: Shatrughna was always dear to Bharata because he always took the humble position of being the servant of the servant (dasa anu dasa) of Lord Rama. Since Bharata is one of the most exemplary devotee of Lord Rama, Shatrughna asked the Lord, "Please give me the nearness to the feet of my elder brother Bharata."
6. Shrutikirti: Shatrughna's wife Shrutikirti asked for the most wonderful gift. She asked for the Lord to gift her the valkal (dress made out of the bark of the tree) He wore during His exile. Why did she ask for valkal? Vedic tradition is that kings, when they become old, they retire and go to the forest. But Raghukula reeti proved to be different. At the prime of His youth, the Lord had to leave His kingdom and go to the forest. This is the symbol of sacrifice and surrender. This is the exception of Raghukula. To cherish this remembrance, she wanted to preserve Valkal of the Lord as His precious gift.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Christian Sings and Muslim Gives Music to Rama

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Rama Acting Like Normal Human

King Janaka knew the greatness of Vishwa-mithra, and he realised that Vishwamithra brought some princes for the sake of handling the Shiva Dhanush, and he gave them a very good reception.

Rama was giving the impression that He was an ordinary human being because He came walking from a long distance. In Mithilapura, He was sitting alone in a room and was trying to press His feet and relieve the pain due to walking. The doors of the room were nearly closed, but there was a small opening. Narada, who knew all the time what was happening, came there and looked through the opening in the door and found that Rama was pressing His own fee t. He loudly exclaimed, “Oh Paramatma, what has happened? Why are you pressing your own feet?”

Vishwamithra appeared on the scene immediately and told Narada that this secret of the incarnation of Rama must be kept carefully. He requested Narada not to bring about a catastrophe by announcing it openly. Vishwamithra said that if this is done, then the marriage of Sita will not take place and the destruction of Ravana will not come about.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sapta Tala / Chaitanya Sending them to Vaikunta

Sugreeva was very scared of Bali and he is full of doubts that Rama could kill him. He tells him many stories of Bali's power. As a proof, he shows Rama a hole in a saal tree which Baali had made in one shot. When it is Rama's turn, he penetrates seven trees of saal(Sapta Tala) in a row with one arrow. After crossing the trees, the arrow even makes a strike on a huge rock and splits it into pieces. Sugreeva is happy and says, "O Rama, you are great."

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spread in The World

यावत् स्थास्यन्ति गिरयः सरिताश्च महीतले ।

तावत् रामायणकथा लोकेषु प्रचरिष्यति॥

yaavat sthaasyanti girayaH saritashchamahiitale |

taavat raamaayaNakathaa lokeShu prachariShyati ||

“As long as the mountains and rivers in the earth remain, so long will the story of Ramayana spread in the world.”


Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whole Hearted Chant of Rama Name Is Divine Will

Once Anjana Devi, mother of Anjaneya, visited Kausalya at her residence. Kausalya enquired who she was. Anjana Devi introduced herself saying, “I am the mother of Anjaneya, who could cross over the mighty ocean in a leap”. After some time, the mother of Sage Agastya also came there. On being asked, she introduced herself saying, “I am the mother of the one who swallowed the entire ocean in one gulp.” Then Kausalya said to them, “Your sons could accomplish such stupendous tasks because of the mighty power of my son, Rama’s name.” As they were conversing, Rama appeared there and asked, “Mother, what is it that you are discussing?” Kausalya replied, “Son, we are discussing the glory of your name.” Then Rama said, “Mother, it is not because of my name, but because of My Will that they were able to perform such mighty tasks. There are many who chant my name, but are all of them able to reap its benefit? Purity of heart is very essential.

People have been celebrating Rama’s birthday for the past thousands of years, but are not able to give up their evil tendencies. Celebration of any festival becomes meaningful only when there is transformation in your heart. The one with noble qualities of purity, patience and perseverance is near God. Have the determination to uphold good and remain peaceful in the face of adversities. Don’t aspire for name and fame. Keep your Heart sacred. Have strong determination to do good. This is the sadhana you are supposed to do.

As young you have to have a long way to go. Society is like a train and all elders are bound to get down soon, but you have yet to travel a long way. So, keep your ‘compartment’ clean and have a comfortable journey. Keep your goal in mind and be recipients of Divine grace. Chant Name of Rama wholeheartedly. Install Him in your heart and sanctify your lives. Rama is present in every heart in the form of Atma. That is why, He is known as Atma Rama. Atma is changeless and that is your true form. Develop the faith that you are part of Brahma (Aham Brahmasmi).

Friday, August 5, 2011

Manthara / Previous Birth

Once, when the King of the land of Kekaya was hunting, he aimed an arrow and killed a male deer. The female deer went to her mother and said, “Mother, the King of Kekaya has killed my husband. Now, what is my fate?” The mother deer went to the King of Kekaya and told him, “O king, It is not a proper action that you have done, killing the husband of my daughter. You should not indulge in such actions that create separation. Just as I am suffering now by the loss of my son-in-law, you will suffer the loss of your son-in law. I shall see to it that this event takes place.” That mother deer was born as Manthara and was the cause of the death of Dasaratha and the consequent loss of son-in-law of Kaikeyi’s father.

Monday, May 23, 2011

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Rama's Magnificent Attribute

kathanchit upakaarena krtena ekena tushyati
na smarati apakaaraanaam satamapi aatmavattayaa

"Lord Ram is eternally pleased by even a single small favor done at some point of time, whereas He forgets in a jiffy all the bad turns done to Him however grave and numerous they are. "