Saturday, August 6, 2011

Whole Hearted Chant of Rama Name Is Divine Will

Once Anjana Devi, mother of Anjaneya, visited Kausalya at her residence. Kausalya enquired who she was. Anjana Devi introduced herself saying, “I am the mother of Anjaneya, who could cross over the mighty ocean in a leap”. After some time, the mother of Sage Agastya also came there. On being asked, she introduced herself saying, “I am the mother of the one who swallowed the entire ocean in one gulp.” Then Kausalya said to them, “Your sons could accomplish such stupendous tasks because of the mighty power of my son, Rama’s name.” As they were conversing, Rama appeared there and asked, “Mother, what is it that you are discussing?” Kausalya replied, “Son, we are discussing the glory of your name.” Then Rama said, “Mother, it is not because of my name, but because of My Will that they were able to perform such mighty tasks. There are many who chant my name, but are all of them able to reap its benefit? Purity of heart is very essential.

People have been celebrating Rama’s birthday for the past thousands of years, but are not able to give up their evil tendencies. Celebration of any festival becomes meaningful only when there is transformation in your heart. The one with noble qualities of purity, patience and perseverance is near God. Have the determination to uphold good and remain peaceful in the face of adversities. Don’t aspire for name and fame. Keep your Heart sacred. Have strong determination to do good. This is the sadhana you are supposed to do.

As young you have to have a long way to go. Society is like a train and all elders are bound to get down soon, but you have yet to travel a long way. So, keep your ‘compartment’ clean and have a comfortable journey. Keep your goal in mind and be recipients of Divine grace. Chant Name of Rama wholeheartedly. Install Him in your heart and sanctify your lives. Rama is present in every heart in the form of Atma. That is why, He is known as Atma Rama. Atma is changeless and that is your true form. Develop the faith that you are part of Brahma (Aham Brahmasmi).

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