Friday, December 13, 2013

Sacred in the entire world

Bhishma said thus: “O Dharmaja!

Once there was a king called Soudasa in Ishvaku dynasty. His chief priest was Vasishta.

One day, Soudasa asked Vasishta thus: “O Saint! What is sacred in this world?” asked Soudasa.

“O Soudasa!

Cow is sacred in the entire world. Cow is the abode for Havis. Cow is the life for all creatures. Lakshmi stays where cows stay. Cow is the ladder to climb to heaven. Humanbeings shall give away one cow from out of ten cows as Godaana. Saluting cow in morning bestows greaterPunya. Cow dung, cow urine are sacred but consuming cow meat is a great sin. Cleaning house with cow dung and consuming cow urine as medicine are advisable.” said Vasishta to King Soudasa.