Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Baijnath - Dussehra effigy of Ravana not Burnt / Vehicle

Slaying Of Vali Right Or Wrong

Vali Criticizes

Rama explains to Vali that why his attack on him is justified.

Every man has three men he can look up to as fatherly figures —
  1. his own father, 
  2. his elder brother and 
  3. he who imparts education to him. 
Vali, thus, should have been like a father to his younger brother Sugriva. But instead Vali had misbehaved with Sugriva’s wife Ruma. For this alone he should be punished, for so heinous is his crime.

When Vali Regretted his Behavior - Ram Offered to heal him

Vali did not  accept it saying that he did not want to loose the golden
opportunity of being killed by Ram and get liberation

Two Styles


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