Friday, January 5, 2018

Nalambalam / Yatra / Photo / Map

Tipu Sultan
The history of Triprayar Sree Rama Temple is long, and turbulent. It was originally under the Zamorin rule, later taken possession of by the Dutch, the Mysore sultans, then the rulers of Cochin. Triprayar Temple is located on land known as Chettuva Island, that was annexed by the Dutch in 1718. When Tipu Sultan came to defeat the Dutch, he also threatened Triprayar temple. Testing the divinity of the Rama deity, he struck at one of the hands, and blood oozed from it. The Sultan immediately took up devotional service to the Lord. To make amends for his attack, he donated land to the temple, which later became part of Cochi, and was given over to the Nampoothiri families. It was eventually placed under the control of the Cochin Devaswom Board.

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