Monday, June 15, 2015

When traveling French philosopher was asked

Once when a traveling French philosopher was asked as to what he felt bound the muti-cultural and stratified India, he said:

  1. From the remote jungles to metropolises, 
  2. from mud huts to swish house of millionaires, 
  3. from the unlettered to intellectuals, 
  4. from those engaged in solitary musings to them who reveled at melas, 
  5. from urban youth to far flung tribals, 
all related with Ramayana - 
  1. had either recited it or heard it, 
  2. read it or watched it enacted; 
  1. religions, 
  2. regions, 
  3. races, 
  4. castes and 
  5. gender all throughout this great mass of land.

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