Saturday, January 23, 2010

Three Gunas in form of three women

Rama, while going with the Sage, encountered three women of three different temperaments.

  1. The first woman he confronted was Tataki of Thamasik temperament. The Thamasik nature makes a person mistake truth for untruth and untruth for truth. It robs one of the capacity for discrimination. Rama killed Tataki while keeping guard over the performance of Viswamitra's Yajna. The two brothers saw to it that the Yajna was performed without any obstruction.After the successful completion of the Yajna, Viswamithra proceeded to Mithila, accompanied by Rama and Lakshmana.
  2. On the way Rama came to the hermitage of Sage Gauthama. There he absolved Ahalya of the curse which had turned her into a stone. Ahalya might be deemed a woman of Rajasik temperament. After imparting moral advice to Ahalya, Rama went to Mithila with Viswamithra.
  3. It was in Mithila that Rama encountered Sita, representing the Sathwik quality. Having killed Tataki of the Thamasik temperament and redeemed Ahalya representing the Rajasik temperament, He accepted Sita, who represented the Sathwik quality. The marriage of Sita and Rama is symbolic of the union between Prakruthi and Paramaatma. The citizens of Mithila greatly rejoiced hearing about the prospective marriage of Rama and Sita.

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